in the song "slither" by velvet revolver how is "/7\" played? please be very detailed, i have a hard time understanding things...thanks
I think his question is where to start. Honestly man, I just fret the closest note (in key) to the note that I'm being told to play, slide to the tab note, then slide back down the neck to the nut. That's probably wrong but whatever.
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i think what yawn said would be it.. thats what i normally do tho
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how do u slide into seven like where do u slide from
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It doesn't really matter but it needs to be within reason. Obviously when you listen to the recording he's not coming from the 6th fret. When I play that part I just start on the 1st fret but you could even hit the string open and slide from the nut. Listen the the recording and focus more on getting it to sound like his.