hey i guess what my main question is, is if i wanted to start experimenting and learning how to create electronic music like the stuff on kid a or the eraser, how would i go about doing that. Should i just get a music program and mix samples. Also where would i get more samples? sorry i know this might be stupid but i'm just really courious as to how radiohead head and the likes make this kind of music?
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Wow, its so complicated to explain how to work with that type of music. To make it short, just get a good synth program, and maybe a midi keyboard and just experiment. It's a really different approach to writing music, which is why I think it attracts certain people like Thom Yorke. hope this helps.
Reason is very good, it's also spectacularly difficult to master. My mates who are very good at this sort of thing use that, Fruity Loops, Cakewalk, Cubase, Adobe Audition, off the top of my head. And mixers. And all sorts of samplers and machinery and gadgetry.
Na, Reason is for kids and will make you sound like everyone else. Buy a sequencer, i suggest Logic 7 Pro. Learn about synthesis, subtractive and additive, and master some synth plugins. learn drum rhythms, so you can programme beats and of course learn some keybord skills.

Lastly, Jonny writes his own software, he dosnt use things ike Reason..