Hey guys,
For my birthday, I'm considering asking my parents to let me get my guitar customized. Maybe get some pretty birds up and down the fret board, definitly some color put in there. Maybe some body designs. Anyone know where I could get this done, how much it would cost and where I could look at some patterns?

So recap:
Where to customize
Where to find designs (Online?)

Thanks everyone,
Do you mean inlay work? It is very difficult to do on an existing/finished guitar. It may actually be better to get a custom guitar altogether.

It would be possible to do some minor inlay work on the soundboard, but not so much the fretboard because the frets make it nearly impossible to properly file the inlays flush. Also because your guitar probably already has position markers of some sort.

A better option would be to get your soundboard custom painted. The soundboard would need to be stripped of the finish and refinished after the design is painted.

If you are seriously considering this, feel free to contact me at sedov1982@hotmail.com and tell me what you are looking for. The price would depend on how much customization you want and on the complexity of the design/method. My rates start at $200.

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