I have a Gibson LP studio..and I'd like to get new pick ups someday. however my amp isn't the greatest so I don't know if I'll be able to hear any change. Because of this, you'd think it'd be obvious to replace the amp. the problem is, I'm 15 and I can't get a job yet and with the $10 i make per week by mowing my lawn it'd take a year or so to afford a new amp. That's not happening. I'd ask my parents for help, but they payed half the price of my guitar ($550) which i got in april, so..

Do you think it'd be better to replace the pick ups first, or just wait?

The amp is really what'll make a difference in your tone.

The pickups can be replaced after you get an amp that you'll keep.
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Get a job over the summer, and get an amp that will last you forever and the pickups you want.