SO i am currently playing my Ibanez s470 through....a Marshall MG10 piece of **** ****ing noob bull**** ******** amp and i hate it. was my noob amp 2 years ago when i was 12. This setup is a sin. I need a good amp. I'm also playing it with a DOD FX86 Death Metal and Boss Overdrive pedals. The DOD dosen't have enough...oomph for me, even though i've only had it for a couple months...(plus the lows are terrible, and this would be for metal, so i need good lows)

I was thinking of the Roland Cube 30 or 60. (the differnece is 30W and that Dyna amp thing) But heres where i have a problem; for my next guitar i plan on getting something with EMGs. I heard its not right to play EMGS through a solid state amp with distorion pedals. So i have a couple options:

1. Get the Roland and play the Rectifier model thats on it or a Digitech Metal Master, forget EMG

2. Get the Roland and the EMG's, play without the pedal

3. Get a nice little tube amp with some high gain or something and get EMG's .

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