I'm kind of in a predicament now. I can emmulate the type of singing axl does, and i love the way it sounds (At least when he does it ), but i feel its kinda pathetic stealing his way of singing. I like the sound, but it would just feel too much like copying his way, stealing from him?

I don't sing like that all the time, but i think it sounds great for some parts in the songs i make. So, you think its okay doing it?
do you have any of your singing recorded that we can hear?
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No, i only have a digital camera with video reccording, and i can't figure out how to change the format to upload it to youtube

I don't sound spot on like him, but you can hear we use the same technique.
I don't know that it's necessarily bad, but don't just try to only sing like him. Usually, it doesn't sound that similar or sounds like a bad impression. Develop your own voice... it will probably sound better since after all, it's your voice. Nothing wrong with studying another's style, though.
who gives a crap the way you sing is the way you sing people cant tell you to cahnge it if you like doin it the keep on
Well, if you feel awkward singing like that, then I would say you shouldn't do it anymore, because are you really enjoying yourself? If you can convince yourself that it isn't pathetic (which it may or may not be, we haven't heard you yet :p, than go ahead and keep doing it.
It isn't pathetic, in fact, its awesome. It would help to hear you first, you should go get a cheap mic at radioshack instead of taping your self and sending it to YouTube.

You shouldn't sing like that all the time in all your songs cause it would be boring, even Axl sings different sometimes, but not a lot. Use a variety of techniques(sp?) to make your music more interesting and unique. That all I got to say.
IF you can sing like axl more power to you
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Basically, if it sounds good, and you want to do it, go ahead. It doesn't matter if you use the same techniques. Lots of singers use the same techniques as each other (especially classicly trained ones), but they all sound different, at least a little bit.
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If you can sound like him, great! A lot of people like that.

I personally can't STAND axl's voice! I would like G'n'R, except that Axl sings
The dude from Creed stole Eddie Vedder's voice, so go ahead! I wish I could steal Robert Plant's voice. Or Chris Cornell's, that would be awesome too.
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try double tracking your vocals like Axl did, or Dave Mustaine, one regular singing voice, and one testicle-less singing voice.