hey i've been doing some research on making music using my computer. I was just wondering what the basic tools are that i would need. Should i just get a computer program like reason? Also do i need to get a midi keyboard or do people just use samples that come with programs? Basically i just want to start making music on my computer
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fruity loops works great... u dont need a keyboard unless ur gonna get really serious- ive made maybe a dozen songs, and its not all to difficult to learn
Id say get a midi keyboard. you dont need to splash out loads at first, its literally just a controller. you can get virtual controllers, but its just nicer to have something physical.

Yeah, i'd second the fruityloops idea. Reason is a great program but its needlessly complicated for the beginner. Floops will give you a decent grounding, but the presets and sounds it comes with are pony as you like.

You would need to download a few different synths, as most standard presets suck . i recommend Native instruments for their synths. You can program your own sounds, but that is no way i beginner thing. playing with the presets can be fine tho.

Dont be afraid to sample, but dont rely on it. its all about taking something and making it fresh and unique.

personally boot my VSTs and synths through Floops (its a powerful piece of software and im used to it), Make my beats with Redrum, and then arrange with sony ACiD, which is a great program, especially if you wanna make mashups

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Well, professionals tend to use hardware they hook up to their computers like synths or electronic sequencers. But for a fraction of the price (or for free if you know how to steal online) you can accomplish similar tasks.

I don't have the patience to figure it out. I want to make music like Dntel... the equipment he uses is made expensive though.
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FL Studio is pretty cool, Im using it and it sounds pretty professional so far. If only I could make something decent with ut! Grrr
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