Has anyone played this yet? Because I'm thinking about buying this guitar, but I want to read the reviews of people that have it.
I own one, and it's a kickass guitar IMO. Excellent craftsmenship, and it sounds great for what I play. For metal, there isn't much more to ask. I would have initially preferred a trem on it, but after using the string thru TOM, I've taken a liking to it. Every piece of hardware is quality, and it plays like a dream. I chose it over the LTD/ESP 607B SRC 7 string and the Ibanez RG1527, after playing all 3. A guitar is a very personal preference thing, but it's easy to tell a great playing guitar. After playing mine, my friend traded in his 607B and is getting a C-7 this summer. As far as pups, I like the 707's. They have a good lowend like the 85, without getting too boomy, and they have a very decent clean IMO.

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