Anyone ever play a fernandes. I never got a chance too but i heard some good things and bad things. People say the harmonic sustainer is a usefull tool that enhances their playing some say it just a toy and isnt worth the money.

I just want your thoughts and experiences with this guitar cause i wanna check one out and know something about it before i go.


By the way i play Pink Floyd Rush Hendrix Allman Brothers RHCP

Pretty much funk, rock and roll, instrumental, reggae, and plenty metal as well......

More than anything my biggest influence is David Gilmour........I do a lot of bending and sustaining with my notes, thats why i ask about fernandes.
The sustainer would probably help.

I haven't tried one of their guitars, though I love the look of the Ravelle? is it? Awesome looking piece of wood.
Those are the ones Dave Kushner plays in Velvet Revolver right? Always wanted to try one.. sry, i cant help u thought lol
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Yea Kushner plays the ravelle i tnihk

I know steve vai uses one of thier sustainer pickups too