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Welcome to my Opium theater

Welcome to my opium theater,
Asylum of transgressions and eradications.
Any type of hallucinations or nausea may occur,
And you may step to the side at any moment in time.

But if you would turn to the screen to the left,
intrinsically vile and polluting sins for all to see.

"The origin of sin is a mystery,
And will forever remain such to us."

Original sin is frequently and properly
used to denote the moral corruption
of the whole nature that is man.
In this case on the screen in front,
with abhorrent suffocations and needled drugs,
original sin never really takes a part.

"And Lucifer rose up one third of the angels
and rebelled against the jealous God."

"And the Lord cast Lucifer from the Heavens
while sin was let in to the world""

The blurs on the screen to the left?
Amity and optimism hidden by
reinforced walls and doubtfulness.
It?s a show that can never be shown.

"Moral corruptions exist when theres
the loss of original righteousness
and a presence of a constant proneness
of evil."

Puncture. Induce. Protract. Live.
Puncture. Induce. Protract. Live.
A never ending cycle of love.
Puncture. Induce. Protract. Live.
Puncture. Induce. Protract. Live.
A never ending cycle of love.

Decisions From a Big Oak Desk:

The aging dirt has a mark against it
Our mother has seen many fall
The glory goes down with a strike
A shot to the heart of us all

The intrepid leader sits in a cave
Hiding his face from the light
While his youth cry?s tears of blood
As they march out to the fight

The drunken politician makes a callous foe
Pushing for a war that he doesn?t know
It?s easy to fight when you?re safe in your bed
No worries of getting shot with the lead

It?s easy to send off your little boy
Soon he will become a government toy
You will be proud of him when he kills a man
And only finds peace with a gun in his hand

Our eldest mother has witnessed the pain
Of too many of her children lost in vain
So when the wind whips through the valley at night
Think of the soldiers who have died in fright

So now the callous foes go to sleep
They share a dream of a celebration
Their country has won the war they desired
But in a thousand years what will it matter?
dammit, this is hard, and not in a good way. Trig, this was always my least fav. piece from you and Hauffy's simplistic rhyme scheme and structure kills it for me, so I guess I gotta go with trig, if only for the cool repitition at the end (the best part of the piece.)
Ah Trig, I remember this piece from you. I really enjoyed it. So far seems like a close race. Hopefully it will stay that way and be an interesting poll
Its how you look and how you feel
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