Ive seen some people learning a tab and it being a biatch. On some things, like the Dani California solo, the music is all over the place, on end of the neck to the other, on different strings. So what I did was just find the same not on a closer fret on a different string, and reworked it. It took a little more time, but its alot easier to play.

Do any of you do this, or just follow the tab exactly?
i just get the idea on solos and mess around a little
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I play it like its supposed to be played, or improvise completely different and make my own solo.
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Well if it is a TAB book, then I play the way it is. Only because that is how the artist plays it, or supposedly. If it is internet tabs, then they aren't 100% accurate and if I find something that sounds more correct then I play it that way.
yea it doesnt matter it u move it to a different string as long as its the same note
it usually depends what ur playin...some things sound different (better or worse) on different strings
i use them as a guide... after all, how other do you find tabs that are perfect?
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Generally people don't take nearly enough care in making their tabs easy to read and understand. It gets so frustrating when you try to learn a solo and it sounds nothing like the song even though you are following the tab exactly.

Unless you are trying to accurately replicate a record, there is no need to follow the tab exactly. You can adapt music to your style and level of comfort.

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As stated above, tabs are rarely 100% correct. If you learn it note by note, you're typically just learning a note by note transcription of someone elses version of the song.

I rarely follow tabs exactly (unless it's a really simple song). I always look for more efficient ways to voice chords, play riffs, etc. It's okay to stray. Afterall, when you hear a cover song by a band you like, it's usually not all that close to the original. In a lot of cases, it's very different. Download several mp3s of cover songs. For example, Sunshine of Your Love by Cream, Frank Zappa, Ozzy and Hendrix. They are all very different.
hell no. I trust myself to figure out what I hear more than the tabber.
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no because tabs are usually wrong
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I usually learn the main riff and improvise everything else cause I'm a lazy SOB.
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usually, I'll just play what I read, then again there are songs where the chords are a real bitch (ie: an F chord while playing at a moderatly fast speed) in those cases I'll just clip off a few notes

a real example is that yesterday morning I came here to find the chords for "Make You Feel Better" and in the song you're supposed to hold each chord to get some sustain and I find that the Bm chord is a bitch to do that with, so I just clipped off the note from the high e string and it sounds perfectly fine
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I really play it if it sounds EXACTLY like it. I bought an Audioslave tab book, IT'S WRONG! Not all of it, but enough. Live videos prove this statement, man. Anyways, the tabs on here are pretty good. And uh... that's all I got.
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To simplify my answer...

No, I don't take shortcuts when learning how to play a song.
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I rarely play it exactly like the tab if I can find a more efficient way of getting the same sound. It really just depends on the song, but tabs are more of a guideline for me. Remember, a tab is just the tabber's interpretation of the song and is rarely 100% accurate.
i use guitar pro, try it, Its probably the easiest way to learn songs cuz you actually hear the tab
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Artists don't play their songs EXACTLY how they wrote them live, so obviously there's room for creativity. Tabs, like critiques of art are only interpretations of works. If you really want to master a song, learn it on your own then compare it to a reliable tab. Tweak your version until you find what works best for you and your personal style.
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I really play it if it sounds EXACTLY like it. I bought an Audioslave tab book, IT'S WRONG! Not all of it, but enough. Live videos prove this statement, man. Anyways, the tabs on here are pretty good. And uh... that's all I got.

actually its not that its wrong its that Tom decides to play it differently
i'm not sure what part of the forum i was in, but they were discussing Master of Puppets (the song) and talking about how there are like 3 different ways to play it becuase Kirk plays it different on stage and when doing video lessons and tabbing it out

someone said that they learn the main riff and then improv the rest because they are lazy...well its the same on my end
I am far too unmotivated to learn "The Trooper" through and through
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