Hey Everyone

I've been VERY interested in getting a tubescreamer off e-bay quite soon. I'm a blues player and decide i needed that tone increase in order to help out my sound.

However, looking on e-bay i've seen a lot of modded tubescreamers. With stuff such as "both chips!" and "true bypass" etc. etc.

I'm just curious if i should pay any attention to these? Are there any mods that would be a good idea for a blues-oriented tubescreamer? Or should i just stick with the stock?

note*:i was looking for a more classic overdrive so probably a TS808 ReIssue. But my question applies to any Ibanez tubescreamer.

Thanks in advance for all help.

Stick with stock TS-808 or a modded TS-9 (modded to be exactly like the original TS-808's) TS-9+mod=Cheaper than TS-808...
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