Budget: No more than say... $500 US
Use: Probably no gigging or playing with drums, but i'd like to have the ability to; home practice
Tube/SS: Are tubes a hassle, like, at all? If so, then I would like to stay SS.
Music: Mostly metal and hardcore; a little punk, ska, alternative

A couple of important points:

1) I'm assuming that I am right in thinking that I won't really need a good distortion channel if I like the distortion my pedal gives me with the amp's clean.

2) I tried the AD30VT today and there were too many amp models, most of which i have no use for/don't like.

3) I dont want/need effects.

Also, I was wondering if i should go all out with the 500 on an amp, or maybe put 350 down for the amp and then the rest down for pickups for my RG321?

I think I covered everything. Thanks in advance.
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mmm another RG player *thumbs up*

I play through a Randall RG100SC. Comes with Built-in chorus and reverb effects, and does have one hell of a distortion channel on it's own. I don't even use it though... It sounds pretty beefy with my MT-2 distortion. I bought mine for about 700 canadian (which is around 500 us.) and it's powerful enough to jam with drums if you ever decided you wanted to. I've heard that Crate brand amps have a really smooth clean channel and are meant for crazy distortion pedals though, so that might be a better route for you.
no no no crate suck suck suck for cleans holy Jesus help us!! go fender baby! get a blues junior for ur budget, or if u can afford a deville hotrod! damn i was jammin on one 2day sweet sweet tone heaven!

P.S. DONT GET A CRATE i have one and they suck alot ( incase u have not picked that up. )
Tubes are only a hassle if you do something bad to them. Other than that, you'll be fine.


Not many people get Pignose's due to their size, but this baby packs a punch, I assure you. 40 Tube watts and an extension cab lineout is all you'll need for the rest of your guitar career. You can get by just fine with this.
If you're playing ONLY cleans, look on ebay for one of the roland jazz chorus (aka JC) lines. there's tons of different versions at many different wattages- JC-50, JC-55, JC-70, JC-77, JC-90, JC-120. I have one, it even makes my crappy starter pack guitar sound awsome.
Tube amps are very little hassle. You wait maybe 30 to 60 seconds to let the tubes warm up before playing. Also, you change the tubes at most once a year (normally). If you want cleans get a Fender. The Hot Rod Deluxe is very very nice. I think they go over 500 new but you can haggle or look for a used one.
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