Um... this is me playing the fourth movement from Koyunbaba after about a month of not playing it, or classical guitar in general lol

No, it's not as good as John Williams' version... his is perfect, literally

Some of the bass notes don't sound out as much as i would like, but I guess that's because of the cheap computer mic i was using. Yeah, it's definitely the mic's fault lol

There are more mistakes at the end, the easy part, because my hands were shaking from playing all the rest of the piece

All critiques welcome


It's under covers, at the bottom.
My God, it's full of stars!
It's not working

Which is a shame, I really wanted to hear it. The other movements are working.
K, it works now

EDIT: It was messing up beacuse i had uploaded the wma version instead of the mp3 version because the mp3 version was noticably fuzzier than the wma version. But, dmusic doesn't like wma files apparently, soo...
My God, it's full of stars!
I like it

Not perfect, but you obviously put a lot of time into learning this to get it to this level. One of these days I might try to learn it as well.
Jesus Christ, why aren't there any comments on your dmusic? Very well done man, very well done. Love hearing those ****in' fingers fly, on both hands :P .
Thanks man, I appreciate it! Yeah my three recorded movements of Koyunbaba (one of whicih is sooooo wrong) are the top three in the Contemporary Classical genre \m/
My God, it's full of stars!
Yo dread, very nice man. I also saw that you have Patterns Of the Ivy there.. wonderful piece that I myself know as well.. Say, generally speaking, what pc program do you use to record ur guitar, and how do you put it on the site once your done?? I ask this because I have recorded stuff, but never been able to figure out how to convert it to mp3 and had some other problems.. which basically goes back to me not being a good computer knowledge guy in the first place haha. PM me or post back please.. it would be greatly appreciated.
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Yea sure.

The program I use is Cool Edit Pro 2, which can be very easily attained via, ahem, not-so-legal programs.

Cool Edit Pro has a built-in MP3 encoder, so I can save a mixdown of the recording session as an MP3, a WMA, a wav, etc.

And the site I use, dmusic, has its own upload thing. It's really pretty easy.

Thanks for the compliments
My God, it's full of stars!
You're amazing! Sounds awesome! I really really enjoyed it man. I'm not familiar with this piece but that was incredible. Great job my friend.

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My god, that was extremely good.
I heard a few errors in the beginning with the higher notes, but still really good.
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^ Errors? Nonsense, must be problem with your ears

Just kidding, of course lol. Thanks for the "extremely good" bit though.
My God, it's full of stars!
*thinks back to the night I posted here. . .*

Dude, that thread you made in shred is still going. . . Stupid Machio.

Very good. I have more respect by these pieces played in apogeato (that's what it is right, all fingers no pick?) than most shred. This is way more tricky.

As for your piece itself... The golfclap says everything.
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