Ive been thinking about new guitars to buy. Im generally into 70-80's metal/hard rock so the go is generally (if money is no limits) a les paul, esp, ibanez or a jackson etc. I was wondering if anyone owns this guitar. ive heard its a versatile guitar. It seems like a terrific guitar that you couldnt go wrong with. Would it fit into that sorta genre of music as i dont want to have your standards for metal such as the les paul or esp. i was wondering if anyone would like to give some input about this guitar and if it could handle my style or if i should be more open minded bout the brands ive already listed.
haha you guys have NO idea :lol:

you can't get birds on ANY se model.

I actually own the tremonti singlecut signature guitar. Unfortunately for me, i don't have one with a trem :upset:

I will say, it has the heaviest sound ive ever wanted. I play it through my Krank Revo and couldnt be any happier. I think someday ill get a PRS trem professionally installed.