Celestion Vintage 30's seem to be the speaker of choice for almost every band. My question is, when playing through a a cab with these speakers, does it make a difference whether it is a Marshall/Randall/Mesa....... I am not talking about the head, just the cabnet. If say a Marshall and a Mesa cab both have these speakers in them, isnt the only difference that one says Marshall and one says Mesa?
The construction of the cabinet really matters. Example: my mesa boogie vertical 2x12 is larger than most 2x12s since it has a few extra inches around the bottom speaker, an EV 200w, to give it that extra thump. Also, open and closed back cabinets sound different, even with the same build and speakers. An open back fills the room while a closed back is more direct since the sound carrys straight ahead more.
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Bigger cabs generally give more bass. Open backs have less. Porteds have more. It matters alot.
Yea, so my Mesa cab is called "oversized" due to adding more bass? Well I'll be.... What do you think the tone difference between a slant / straight cab would be?
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