Ok guys, i just got mi lc15 a few months ago, and i have to say that its the most freaking insane awesome piece of equipment i have seen, its amazing.

but its way to small and laks some really crushing power

so i was thinking that maybe i could put something behind the speaker, you know a close cab style thingie... sorry mi english is not that good, but i hope you get the idea: all i want is to give it more bass by covering the rear of the amp

being a tube amp (fukking amasing tube amps, i love them) i dont know if closing the cab would damage the amp in any way, since i know they need some air.

so, is closing the amp a bad idea? if it si, then how can I increase the bass? would a whole new cab help solve the problem?

please help me!
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hey sir! remember me....sorry i didnt reply to your PM....for some reason, my browser always gets stuck while sending....

why dont u give me (PM me?) your email address or something and we could discuss your new Laney amp!

take care...

(sorry UGers for this personal message, hope no one minds )
if you close the back, the heat from the tubes won't have anywhere to go...

What you'd want to do is buy a separate closed-back cabinet, and use your laney as a head. Or do something else. The point is, don't turn your tube amp into a heat trap!
If there is a speaker output you could run it to another cabinet like a 2x12 or 4x10. I've heard great things about the LC15.
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