I have asked this before but my plans have changed. I want a new ditortion pedal (not overdrive, as it is a ss amp, so tubescreamers and other stuff like that i think is out of the question, according to other peoples reccomendations). I have only about 150AUD and cant really afford to much more. My rig is a randall RG75G2 + a modded strat with h/s/s. I tend to play anything from classic rock, to heavy rock and a little blues and metal. I am starting to save for a new amp and guitar( lokking to spend 3000-4000AUD) but that is a long way of with my budget t the moment. So really i want a pedal in the 150 - 200 AUD mark that will give me the tones im looking for, to get me through until i have saved enough for new rig. models i have looked at are as follows,

DIGITECH hot rod
MARSHALL jackhammer?
What is going to be my best option, or is there any others i should consider. Also i just want a stock pedal, cant afford any modded ones( i looked on ebay and couldnt find any cheap ones.) Any help greatly apprecitaed.
the ds-1 and the hot rod give CLOSE to the same sounds, but the digitech has that nifty little morph knob on it. Really, i think the ds-1 sounds better in the long run, but the hot rod has a wider variety of sounds.
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the DS-1 has the better of the sounds. But the Digitech has more variety. I own both the DS-1 and the Hot Rod (never use them though), and I dont like the Hot Rod that much. But I LOVE the DS-1.
DS-1 is also really cheap
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mod the ds-1
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