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Simple Plan
1 6%
Led Zeppelin
11 69%
The Who
2 13%
2 13%
Voters: 16.
This should be hilarious...

I said Zeppelin obviously, amazing riffs, one of the best live bands, great lyrics etc. etc.

The Who is a close runner up.

Simple plan?? they jump too much,

Greenday?? Just no.
I said Zep because well they're Zep. But give Green Day a break Simple Plan is much worse.
Go away.

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Why no Vs. threads?
because it's against the rules, that's why.
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No VS threeads. *reported*

Jackass Just wants to ruin people's fun.
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Jackass Just wants to ruin people's fun.
Or maybe he's just acting responsibly! *gasp*
Hmmm... I wonder who will win?
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Hey! Let's compare two things that are completely different! Kind of like potatoes and tomatoes!!! Seriously, the only things that havein common is that they all have guitars.... yeah.
Waaaaay better idea.

So what are your guys opinions about Big Tex? I like him, but some people say he could exert himself a little more. Share your Big Tex thoughts.
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we're not nerds thank you very much i have a very respectable 40k imperial guard army.
I just like his pants, I thought he was more of a Levi guy though. I'm just impressed that Dickies made pants that big. Only in America.