I am thinking of purchasing a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser, as it has many key things I am looking for such as a mahogany body, EMG's, Locking Tuners, good price, etc. However,I have heard it has a very slow, fat neck. None of the guitar shops around my location stock Schecters so there is no way for me to try one out. Can someone who has played one please tell me if the neck is, in fact, as slow as I have heard it is?
I own a Hellraiser. The neck is pretty fast. It is about the size of my Fat strat's neck.
I tried one out and it did seem thicker than my strat but not really anything drastic.

It will just take some getting used to of course, as any guitar would.

I'm actually looking into the same guitar ASAP, as it is sexy and sounds awesome.
Yeah, I was looking into to getting this same guitar. Can anyone elaborate on it? i.e. how it plays/sounds?
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I own a Schechter C-1 Blackjack. I must admit it is a very nice guitar. It has great bass tones and some superb action. It is great for blues rock and definitely for metal. I was very happy with the look of it too. Neck thru body with a mohagany back and a rosewood neck. Id definitely look into the Hellraiser. Schechters have great tones, they look great, and offer the best bang for the buck