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Down to the Bottom of the Wick

Turning, tuning soggy metaphor
Yearning, crafting chinks of eloquence,
As the rooster shifts to flaming sawdust
And stops the kaw of pure acquaintance;
The release of dying fyre out of sty
Into the burning bright night sky
As it burns forever lower
Into the birth of angel?s eyes
Borne of figurative
And fractured imaginative;
Borne of broken similarity;
Borne a cock of fire aspirations;
Pure allusions to burning sky.

Flowing down the rift of doggerel
And of hyperbole;
I give you my leave,
I give you peace,
I give you rest,
I give you metaphor,
Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye.
Goodbye linguistics,
Goodbye imagery,

As it burns forever lower
Down to the bottom of the wick.


18 inches of vison,
Cryptic acuity disables me,
From seeing the truth
Without volition,
I need to know,
Why am I here?

Imbued in confusion,
A caressing, gentle ashen,
Surrounded by an aura of vacancy,
Hollow and decaying

I want a purpose...

12 inch long arms,
A short length disables me,
From reaching solace,
A reason,
I need to know,
Why am I here?

Imbued in confusion,
A caressing, gentle ashen,
I am a victim of uncertainty
a quarry, in the world you see

I now need a purpose,
a reason, to be
For, I am
the neutral one

Cheers Dante, good matchup
Quote by Kensai
Maybe you've heard what the ladies say: "Once you go 77mm you don't go back"
i will have to go with green
"It is better to burn out then to fade away"-Kurt Cobain

"Keep you friends close, but your enemies closer"-The GodFather Part III

? W T F ?

?^? ?(?¿?)? ?^?...put this guy in your sig
i will have to go with..........the First one!
The trouble with nude dancing is that not everything stops moving when the music does.

Blake And I had one that went

18-19 or something.

it might still be floating around.
Oh hey what's up? I just thought you were too busy being washed up to come around anymore.

I think you're the only seasoned vet, that hasn't won WOTM, even KYLE won wotm before you.

Ill win

When I want to write again. I havent been writing enough to win these past few months. And then when I did I just never got nominated.
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