Well, for the past 2 years I have learned and played on a crappy ass BC Rich Bronze Warlock (back when I thought all that mattered in a guitar was how it looked...) and an even worse Johnson 15W practice amp, so I finally decided it was time for a change. As soon as I have enough cash, im going to head down to Guitar Center and get myself a decent guitar and amp. I think ive narrowed my choices of guitar down enough, but my main issue is the amp. I read that amp topic with some suggestions, and it helped quite a bit, but does anyone have any specific suggestions on which amps I should specifically look at and play through when I go to Guitar Center? Im looking for a dynamic tone that can go anywhere from blues to metal. I dont think the distortion is that big of an issue, though, as I have a Boss MT-2, so I guess its more important that it can be warm, and yet have a nice crunch to it, if needed. And, of course, under $1000 would be good, although suggestions a bit over are glady accepted. I have been looking at the Peavey Valve Kings, but I think having some options would be better than running in there with only 1 amp in mind.

Thanks in advance.
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Please dont use a MT-2 on a Tube amp. It takes the point out of buying one. Get something with good distortion if you play metal. XXX combo or something.
From ENGL:

$800 - Thunder 50 combo

$1000 - Screamer 50 combo

From Traynor:

$520 - YCV20 Custom Valve Combo with 12" Celestion

$560 - YCV20WR Custom Valve Combo

$580 - YCV40 Custom Valve Combo

$620 - Custom Valve YCV40T 40 2x10 Combo with Celestions

$630 - YCV40WR Custom Valve 40 Combo

$729 - YCV80Q Custom Valve 4x10 Combo

$740 - Custom Valve YCV80 2x12 Combo with Celestions

From Laney:

$671 - VC30-112 30W 1x12 All-Tube Class A British Combo

$700 - LC30-II 30W All-Tube Class A Combo with Reverb

$840 - VC30-212 30W 2x12 All-Tube Class A British Combo

From Peavy:

$500 - Classic 30 1x12 30W Guitar Combo Amp

$500 - Delta Blues

$675 - JD-30T? Jack Daniel's® Guitar Amp

$700 - Classic 50/212

$770 - Classic 50/410

$850 - XXX Super 40 40W 1x12 Guitar Combo

$950 - Triple XXX Super 40 EFX Combo

$980 - 5150® 212 2x12 60W Guitar Combo Amp (Out of production, will be returning as 6505's)

$1000 - Triple XXX 112 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

??? - Classic 20 (They are out of production and often cost more now than they did new.)

From Fender: (Some go up to $200 above $1000.)

$290 - Pro Junior? Combo

$400 - Blues Junior? Combo

$580 - Hot Rod Deluxe

$700 - Hot Rod DeVille? 410

$735 - Hot Rod DeVille? 212

$797 - '65 Deluxe Reverb

$800 - ?65 Deluxe Reverb® Combo Amp

$995 - Custom Vibrolux Reverb

$1050 - Pro Reverb

$1050 - '65 Twin Reverb

$1100 - ?65 Twin Custom 15

$1155 - 59 Bassman

$1190 - Twin Amp? 100-Watt All-Tube Amp

From Marshall:

$900 - Marshall DSL 401 Combo

??? - Used DSL201 Combo (They are out of production)

From Pignose:

$200 - G40V Tube Amp

From Dr. Z:

$699 - Mini-Z 1x8 Combo
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How big an amp do you want? Is this for bedroom levels or will you gig any?

Off the top of my head...

Trayor YCV50 blue
Marshall DSL
B-52 AT212
Fender Hot Rod Deville
Mesa Boogie F-30

All these get pretty loud pretty quick. If you're looking for something that sounds good at low volume a hybrid like the Vox AD50 might be a good choice.
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^ I really dont know, I dont want to get anything too big that I cant play at home, because ill be doing plenty of that. I will be practicing with a band that my friend and I are forming, and probably gigging as well in the near future. I have read that halfstacks are better for metal and stuff, which is mostly what ill be playing with the band, and you get better highs and lows, but id think itd be a bit overkill for my situation, wouldnt it? Would a 1x12 or 2x12 be just as good? Also, if the MT-2 sounds like crap on tube, can I get enough overdrive in an amp in my pricerange to sound fine with metal, or should I look into an overdrive pedal?
peavey 5150 combos have been going for $400-$600 as of late on ebay. i strongly suggest you check them out.

60 watts, 2 X12. more gain that you could ever need.

pick it up, and an overdrive pedal for your blues stuff, maybe a chorus.

is the whole grand just for the amp? or the amp and guitar?
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With a budget of $1000 you have a LOT of options open to you. For the variation in tone from blues to metal I'll always be partial to Marshall. A JCM 800 would be perfect if you can find one used or on eBay. Other than that check on TGM's awesome listing above, and try out EVERYTHING. Buying a new amp, to me, is more fun than buying a new guitar.
How about a traynor blue or a jcm and an attenuator with a maxon od
A Traynor YCV50 Blue would work well with an overdrive pedal in front of it. However, a mesa F-30, a Peavey XXX 112 or 212 combo, or a Peavey 6505 combo would be the best options.
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