well i need help... im in a band and every one loves my writing, but its always so hard for me to sit down and write i mean i can sit watching NOTHING on TV but i still cant get myself to write
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i think you just need to be in the mood. most of my good (meaning most natural) lyrics are written when I can't sleep. It's like 3 AM and I've been up for 20 hours and I'm in a dream like state. I scribble some **** in my notebook and then drift off to sleepy land. When I wake up I read it again and work on rewriting it. I don't think anyone can really tell you how to get the muse to knock on your door. I guess I'm saying is find something that works, keep trying differnt things.
well my lyrics pretty much suck so i wouldnt know....
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Write about anything, experiences, emotions you're feeling, what caused those emotions..anything. However, this isn't the right place for this thread, this forum is for lyrics/poetry/prose, whatever...good luck though.
There's a really useful guide stickied, it should help you.

Good luck!

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