Well i recently just got into playing the electric guitar, a fender squire or i think thats what its called correct me if im wrong. Well everything is fine though one quick question on the tremelo bar. How do i attach it, because when i screw it in, it is really easy to screw in though it gets harder till the point i dont want to turn it anymore because i feel as if my guitar was going to explode.Well could anybody just tell me how far i should turn the bar till its fixed in the right position. Thanks
don't crank it, you'll end up stripping it. Use something like teflon plumbing tape on the threads, or get some of the springs that Fender sells for their tremolos. It goes in the hole, and pushes back up against the bar, so it will stay in any position you move it.
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It's supposed to be loose when it's in position. There is no need to overtighten it. You just want to make sure that the post is in deep enough to get good leverage on the tremolo block.

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Um... try not screwing it in so far? Why do u want it to be stiff? It's supposed to dangle down after you use it so it's not in the way.
its a squier. sometimes the threads on the bar dont enable the bar to rest in the ideal spot.

ur putting it in right. just see where its natural stopping point is. and if u want to try to change it, add a small bit of tape on the bar, to make it more snug (like said) or stop in at a local shop and see if they have another bar laying around, that might fit a little better.

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