when guitarists like Frusciante and jimmy page started playing how old where they? and when did they start jioning bands. i started just before i turned 14
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i dunno when exactly john frusciante started playin but it must have been young because he was a bit of child prodigy... you know.. he was 19 when they wrote mothers milk and 21 for blood sugar sex magik, i consider both those albums funking masterpieces.... Pity i'm not at that same level at 19 but it doesn't bother me because i've dedicated my guitar playin to different musical aspects than john... John falls under one of the greatest song writers rather than guitar players for me.
john started at about 9 but then he got angry and quit for a few months/year because he couldnt play like his idols , bu the oint being after that his guitar was his best friend he wouldnt do anything but learn and play on it for years on end that is why he is one of the most origional guitarist i know and no body can deny that!!!
There are many guitarists out there who start at ages like 14-15 and i consider to be amazing, but its almost always down to the incredible amount of practice they do. Sometimes as much as like 8-10 hours a day. I think most ppl would be amazing with that practice. I would love to do this, but i have neither the dedication or the time, so i know i wont become the next hendrix, or not for afew years.

p.s. 10 watt amp and 'bloody loud' should never go in the same sentence.
eric clapton started at 15 or 16, something around that, sorry I'm not shure, but i know that he wasn't very young ala Frusciante.
By age 11, he takes his first guitar lesson and moves to Mar Vista with his mom and stepfather. The latter is an amateur of Beethoven and R&B from the 50?s and will help john to feel good about his artist?s status.
Moreover, john started to develop new musical influences. From now on, he listens to Jimmy Page, Jeff beck, jimi Hendrix, frank zappa and focus on their techniques and styles. By age 14, he records on a four-track his first ?real? songs such as ?water music?.

By age 17, he leaves school and moves to Los Angeles to live on his own. By that time, he plays guitar 10 to 15 hours a day to emphasize his skill.
He?ll go to a zappa?s audition to become the new guitarist of his band but will leave while standing in the waiting room, shortly after realising that, being in Zappa?s band, he wouldn?t be able to live the rock?n?roll that he had always intended to live since he found out about David bowie?s music.

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Well Slash and Hendrix both started at 16 ish. John very early.

But they all practiced 8-10 hours a day even more. And dedicated their lives to it.

Starting young has its advantages, but when starting at a more mature age you can understand things better and grasp things quicker. But some people are just made to play and are naturally brilliant. But if you really want to learn and you put effort in you will.

I read a quote by John saying that by the age of 12 he knew that playing guitar was what he wanted to do with his life. Nice to have that kinda clarity when you're still so young, huh?
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