i have 1 semi-acoustic guitar but dont have any electric guitar... Although i cant tap, or make some bends, can I be a shredder? Any inspiration for me please? because i want to improve my playing so i can play in band....
I have learnd guitar for almost 1 year. I can alternate pick or economic and Hybrid pick well. And yet can play some speed riff with 16th beat. My question is can i be a good shredder although only learning with acoustic?
Of course you can, I think it's better to learn to shred on a acoustic, playing and learning solo's dry is much better becuase you can play the sclaes properly and at the right speed and make sure they ring properly to get the proper sound needed for a solo instead of 'covering up' a solo with distortion or effects that comes with an electric. Once you feel ready you can then get an electric and try the stuff you've learnt on semi-acoustic and then advance your playing on the electric!
you should play with electric if you wanna be a shredder. its a great difference between acoustic and electric guitar. altough its good to play acoustic to build strenght in you fingers. and then change to electric cause there its a lot easier to do the things needed for shreed.

and you should really learn how to bend etc.
That video was boring, too me, he sounds a bit sloppy with his shredding, like his notes don't ring out, I love that in a song, no melody either in this vid!