That's not a rig, that's just one guitar. And in general, Staggs are very poor quality instruments.
A different picture doesn't change the fact that it's a piece of crap that a dung beetle wouldn't touch. No offence or anything.
No offence, but how old are you? 14? You shouldn't really be pestering people to say what you want to hear. You're not going to get anyone saying 'wow, that's an awesome guitar!' by posting more and more pictures of it.

You need to work on your grammar, too. Sorry, I'm just not in a tolerant mood today... band trouble.
All that matters is that you like it, screw other people, if you like the way it plays and sounds then it's a good guitar.
wowo i think i may even go and do more revision since this thread is so dull.
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I require 15 different pictures before making a clear decision, and where I am from my decision matters, now give me 15 angles, ''man''.

If you want a good les paul for as cheap as possible, try a Gould. May be a little thinner and more contoured than your average les paul, but I remember trying one a while back and I was really suprised. Nice little guitar.