any tips how to play on of those catchy punky melody lines?
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Using the Major, C, D, E and G (with an octave lower of the others) sounds great to me. It's à la Blink 182, so it's gonna be catchy, without having to be too complex IMO
what i do is just play completely random, absolutely randon power chords.
and play em fast.
youll end up with something you think sounds good eventually

using this you can write like....14 punk songs in less than 10 minutes.
i do it all the time

oh and by the way, C D E are the chorus chords to Polythene Pam by the Beatles
well... first-off... the stuff ur talkin bout is usually little two-string octave chords played over the power chords of ur song... but do us a favor and don't refer to blink 182 or any of that other new pop-rock bull**** as punk... cuz its not
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Follow the vocal melody using the guitar; drums/bass/(other guitar) play verse and lead guitar plays the melody over that; so it just replaces vocals.
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