Hey all, hope this is the place to post this.

I was considering buying this JCM 900 head


I was just wondering

a) most importantly, what questions should I be asking the seller of the amp to judge whether i'm getting a top quality amp?

b) what cab do I combine with it? (Ideally a specific model because I have limited knowledge on amps)

c) can you clarify that the JCM 900 would suit my sound? (www.myspace.com/deathofanationuk)
I've used a JCM 900 for a gig once before but it was last christmas and I really can't remember much about it, I simply plugged in and played, so if you would check the first recording and see if the amp would produce the punky kind of sound i'm after i would be really gratefull.

Anyways, thanks for any replies, much appreciated!
um i dont no if this head would be good for ur sound cause its a hi gain amp head so its more for like metal but u could use it for punk just turn it down some and as wat cab u would need to go wit it any cab that will work with it but ur best bet get a marshall cab considering its a marshall head it will bring out the really marshall tone
Well, I use one, and I get can get any sound, metal, punk (Especially your sond) ect of it...But thats with the aid of a distortion pedal. But its class, single reverb of both channels which is handy like. Hmmm cab?? I use a vox 2x12 cabnet and its really nice. You can get bright cleans and Trebley (not sure is that a word) gain...get it its good..
Quote by tp600
Ive heard punk works best with tube amps ie. high gain?

??? Tube amps can nail just about any tone dependning on the make and brand of the amp.
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back in the 80s i saw about 53 and a half bazillion punk/hardcore bands in the ny area. i can't remember a single damn one of them NOT using a marshall and from what i remember, the vast majority just plugged and played direct. and if you're not using and SG you should be very ashamed