It's the Summer of George (or more aptly the summer of Floyd). I did the guitars and vocals on this one. Plus I did the voice over at the start of the track. All with GNX3000.

Hope you enjoy this. I did not spend too much time on this so the mixing etc may not be stella. Also I just did the solo in a single take, I don't like effect on it too much to my ears so I may go back and post produce that, also solo was not my best effort I had limited time last night on this.


any advice for me mixing wise would be greatly appreciated
now i know this might not be very constructive initially, but what annoys me now and again is when people post covers and say things like 'the solo was not my best effort' and then talk about how they had time issues disabling them from fully finishing it off. you're not timed to post a cover, so why not take it into a new day, make sure everything is at its best, then bring it back and then expect more positive comments. i'm not directing this directly at you cos i've seen it time and time again...anyway, onto the crit, i LOVED your scottish voice intro, takes some big cojones to attempt that, verse and chorus all seemed very good, just a bit sloppy at times but you're aware of that. the solo being took in one take as you say didnt really shine as much as it should in that song, turn down the gain a little, really put some mood into your notes. overall 7/10 for me good work