yesterday i really felt for playing some sega, i haven't played for like 7years or something but i can't get it to work does anyone of you guys know what i might be doing wrong??

havent the faintest idea, blow in the cartridge opening?

R type greatest game ever.
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i have blown in the cartridge opening and power buttton is on, and it's connected to the tv but the right channel i don't know, i tried to find the right channel but i cant :P how do you do to find it?
try AV
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use the remote you caveman
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It's below channel 0 if there's no button I expect. Your TV might even have 2 AV channels :O.

But if I remember right Master Systems weren't that new; check channel 5, 6, and 0. Or your video channel, I think that's where the MS used to plug in (AV is for scart things I think, maybe others I'm not sure).
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You may have to tune the channel.
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I think you have to scan through until you find it with the old systems, turn it on, switch to whichever channel you want and scan through the frequencies like you're looking for a TV channel.

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hahha which button ??:P i tried everyone, and no one gets the av channel : /
Good luck finding the channel
Buuuuut...maybe it might be the cables? I remember a while ago when I got my SNES back out of the dust and wanted to play it again, the cables were kind of messed up, like on the inside or whatever...(the AUX one or whatever the hell you call it, lol) ah well, gamecubes/SNES/N64 all use the same cable, woo...Well yeah maybe check on that...
Good luck, lol...

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^ Guys there are right, you have to tune it; I remember now.

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i'm trying to scan through the frequencies but i don't find it
you'll find it, just keep scanning through the channels till it finds the sega one...

and i hope your going to be playing streets of rage 1,2,3 they are the greatest (exept 3 was ****)
i have been scanning frequencies for like hours now but i still can't get it to work...: (
Does it plug into an audio/video input? If so, look above where it's plugged in, it should say like video 1, or video 2 or something.