Anybody go last sat (18 June)?

How good was that gig, Motorhead were amense - its the first time ive seen them but it was good- then Brian May on stage with Foo Fighters that came out of nowhere, and was cool, but i did think they should have played a Queen song, or is thier a reason whey they didnt/couldnt?

Just wondering what people thought, who you thnik were the best band (Motorhead obviously) any songs you think the bands should have played etc...
I was there. The Foo's should have played Up In Arms, dammit! And to a lesser extent For All The Cows.
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yeah i went to hyde park. it was amazing! i was front row on the barrier and soo close!

but i just read a review on this site by a person that went to old trafford and saw them and said that grohl said that the hyde park audience was crap! what!? cant be right! ???

but anyway. thought that foos where great and played good songs (happy they played stacked actors and my hero and all my life etc) should of played up in arms but it was still good.

for support juilette and the licks were good performers. fun when she crowd surfed! qotsa are a great band but need to sack theyre sound man! i saw them last year at brixton and you can hardly even hear josh sing! motorhead good. ANGELS AND AIRWAYS ARE THE WORST BAND EVERRR!!! and the singer is up himself...
all i have to say.
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