Hi all,

I really want to get a nice acoustic guitar. the only guitars I have played/owned have been fairly cheap. since they are so cheap, they dont sound very good, so inturn i dont feel all that motivated to play them. On my current acoustic a $200 guitar, when I put coated strings on, it improves the sound ten-fold. my question is, when you hear a good acoustic, how much of an effect do the strings make...if any? will a $2,000 guitar with old strings still sound good?

IF the strings aren't brand new, with that crisp coated sound, then that is what you are looking for, you don't want it to sound too much like a loud electric unplugged, but if you get a great guitar for a grand on up, then if you take care of it with a humidifier, and keep it in the case, you are set for a great guitar.
a 2000 guitar with old strings will sound better than a 200 dollar guitar with old strings, but it still won't sound GOOD, imo. when strings lose their tone, they lose their tone. it doesn't matter what kind of guitar they are on.