whats the deal with upside down pickups.. from what i c the bridge has it opposite to waht the neck has (pickup screws on top or bottom). i need a good explaination, thanks.
do you mean horizontally Backwards or ''On an x-axis" Upsidedown? whats a guitar that has what your talking about?
I believe you are referring to humbuckers.

The adjustable polepieces, the screws, are usually closer to the bridge on the bridge humbucker, and the opposite for the neck humbucker. This is because that is the coil which is the most influenced by the position (on the bridge humbucker it will give a twangier sound, and on the neck humbucker smoother, warmer).
ok, so they are set up differently. i put my neck humbucker so that the screws are on the bottom if thats what you implied. (closer to the bridge on the bridge?) let me know,
Well if the screws are on the neck side, it should give the pick-up a bit of a twangier sound.