Alright, I have a question. I've been playing guitar for about 5-6 months now, and had an offer to join up with a small local band if I'm willing to pick up bass. So... I was considering the idea...

My question is, how hard is it to learn bass? And would it be at all possible to learn bass and standard guitar at the same time? I only work around 15 hours a week, so I have a fair ammount of free time to do it...
Yeah. It would be easy to learn both just as long as you put hard work into both of those instruments. Try not to half ass it and hardly practice. Bass is somewhat easy as a beginner, but it gets harder as skill progresses.
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Ok, easy to learn but hard to master? Ok...

Now, how easy would it be to teach myself? 'Cause I kinda doubt I can afford lessons for both. I've seen 'teach yourself bass' cd-roms and stuff in the store, would those be of assistance? What should I do for that?
^ sorry man, i speak mostly spanish, and didn't know how to properly translate it, but you got my point, i think it easy to play the root notes and stuff like taht but when you get more into it it becomes a bitch :P sorry man, dunno how to put it

EDIT: i mostly taught (sp) myself, but during the time (about a year) i've always had friends and people around to give me the basics and/or tell me what i'm doing wrong.
If you play bass with a pick then most of the techniques you use for guitar will translate over to bass with no problem...

Of course, REAL bassists don't use picks
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If you play guitar then you can play a lot of bass (minus slap) i can do bass lines to loads of songs, and i've only ever played a bass once, adn picking up using your fingers cant be hard