Simple memories spiral into diamonds,
precious diamonds too small for the naked eye.
The bittersweet taste of your lips I once kissed,
now remind me of the smile I used to bear.
I remember it all so clearly,
take me back to yesterday.

I clench my fist and I don't loosen my grip,
my grip tightens as your presence slips into a mere memory.
I will hold this memory more dear than all the rest,
it will be my comfort, my wisdom, my light.
Don't let this fade, don't let this die,
I cannot bear it.

I wish no longer to wake to another day,
I wish to wallow in my sorrow for the happiness I once felt.
I wish for you.

My mind replays those moments, oh so vivid,
oh so vivid how hearts intertwine for one place in time.
Hearts left broken apart, bleeding from the other.
This broken heart shall never mend.
There is no cure, I continue to bleed.
I am sorry.

I want it all or nothing more, I want this back.
Grey skies fill my heart as I attempt to find the sun.
I shall never again see the smile of your existence.
Memories are all I have, I intend to keep.
Goodbye, farewell, I will go.
Memory lane is here.

We haven't used this with my band yet, but we plan on it. So, I figured a little feedback wouldn't hurt.
How glorious it is, and also how painful, to be an exception.

November 22, 2005
I like it. You going to use an acoustic for this, right? You better, it'll sound awesome.
Ohhh...My head hurts...

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^ have i told you i keep misreading your title as UG's biggest bad greek?