Hey. I've finally decided to upgrade my amp. I'm currently playing a Westfield Les Paul copy (Which isn't half bad ) through a Korg AX1500G into a Peavey Envoy 110. I play everything from Pearl Jam to Bon Jovi....Pantera to Funeral For A Friend and EVERYTHING in between. I've been looking at the Vox AD50VT but I hear it isn't too great for metal which could be a problem. I'd be really grateful if I could get some suggestions and opinions on what I should get. My price range is between £0 - £250 and I won't really need anything bigger than 50 watts. Thanks in advance

Also, I'm upgrading my guitar to either a Schecter C1 Plus, a Hellraiser or an Omen 6 Extreme FR if that helps and once again, thanks
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If you're looking at something for heavier stuff, look at some Roland Cubes.

But try them both out, see what you think.
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