Hey everyone,

I bought an Epiphone Explorer and I'm having trouble keeping it balanced when I play standing up. The headstock tends to tilt down towards the floor. I heard this is common. However, my explorer has the strap button on the shoulder of the guitar and not on the back like the Gibson explorers have them now. So, will moving the strap button of my explorer from the shoulder to the back help a bit with balancing the guitar or will it make no difference?

Anyone else have this same problem? If so, any tips, suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
I used to have that problem, but i changed the strap to a wide cotton strap which has more grip than a nylon strap. It still feels like the headstock could fall down if i changed its position, but it generally stays where i want it to now. Changing the strap-button location could help, but i've never played a Gibson so i don't know how well that works
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Thanks for replying.

So what you are saying is that a guitar strap that won't slide over my shoulder (like the cotton one) will help stabilize the explorer? I'm gonna have to try that out. So far, I've been able to keep it a bit steady by doing what Allen Collins used to do, which is to put the strap over the guitar. I'm not sure how to describe what he did, but if you see pictures or footage of Allen Collins playing his explorer, you'll know what I'm talking about

Again, thanks for your suggestion.
Your guitar is neck heavy. I've heard of people adding little fishing weights to the bottom of the guitar strap to balance it out.
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Fishing weights...hmmm... First time I hear of that. I'm pretty small so adding extra weight to my explorer will probably not work for me, although I'll try it out if all else fails. But thanks for the tip!
old T basses had that problem i think if you relocate the strap button to the heal of the neck joint it balances out better
I just spoke to my friend's guitar tech and he said that in order to have a properly balanced guitar, the strap button should be near/above the 12th fret of the guitar. So, since the strap button on the shoulder of my explorer is above the 21st fret, it will not keep the guitar balanced properly. Regarding moving the strap button to the back or the heal of the neck, the tech said it will not really affect it much. The tech also said that he has the same problem with his hamer explorer and that I'll eventually have to get used to it. Still, I will try everyone's suggestion.

Thanks everyone for your input!