Ive been playing guitar for 2 years now and ive just recently gotten into playing slide. Just looking for some recomendations on fairly easy songs for slide guitar, blues, rock, country, anything realy.

Thanks to those who help me out.
"In My Time Of Dying" by Zeppelin has a pretty nice slide part.
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i better say it b4 someone else....freebird...it has slide in it, but it also has 3 guitar parts to it...but try it, i am workin on it,it alot easier with a slide than not havin one
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For slide guitar, anything by Duane Allman. The prefered cuts (imo) are from the album "Live at the Fillmore East"...They are "Statesboro Blues" and "One Way Out"

Many very accomplished slide players claim Duane was the best ever and I agree. Eric Clapton was struggling to make the album Derrick and the Dominos, and found out Duane Allman was in town. They hit it off and Eric got Duane to play on a lot of the album which produced the classic hit "Layla." Duane's slide is featured in the outro of Layla. Eric said Duane was the best he's ever seen.

While these songs wouldn't be considered easy, if you can grasp the technique and master his moves, you will definitely be miles ahead of most who claim to play slide.
Hope this helps...
Free bird-Lynyrd Skynyrd.
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