my dad recently got a gift card for a book store so i went with him and picked up The Scales and modes edition of The Guitar Grimour. You may have heard of it or maybe not but thats not the point. I'm a little puzzled. For each scale, it gives full fretboard for that key. so say it was F Major scale for example. can i only stay withing the notes that are mapped out on the diagram? and then it gives conventional patterns. what could i use that for? just as different spots as where start or base a solo or what ever it is im playing there? thanks for your help. if you dont get what i mean, then ill try to explain it better, if needed.
All the spots that are listed for the scale are all the notes that would keep you in the key of F. Doesnt mean youre restriced to just those patterns, when you get better you can use chromatics and shift between different keys, if you listen to classical music they do that shifting a lot.
But as im assuming youre not there yet just practice the patterns so you know it well enough where u can transpose the scale into different keys without really thinking about it (the major scale of F is the same pattern as the major scale for G and so on, it just starts at a different spot ie the root note)
Hope that helped and didnt confuse im not the best at explaining my twisted idea of theory
Those spots on the diagram are the notes in the key of F major (or whatever key you are looking at). You don't have to stay within those notes, but those are the notes that are in that key.