Ok, Glenn (thepickups) set m a challenge to write a short piece in two minutes using a random word from a random internet site. The word is Upcoming as you may have guessed, and here is my attempt!


He surrendered his fate
To upcoming flashes of light
Tunnelled from mystery?s sight
Running to and fro

Barged into empty space
Upcoming orbs in flight
Exploded from power?s delight
Watch it ebb and flow
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for a mind flow this is ain't bad bud. I am not sure what to say as this is so random.
I feel that the first stanza feels a tad incomplete, meaningwise. I reckon he at start of first line, and to at start of 2nd makes this feel so much better. Then I get a nice feel from this mate. Especially with the last line on each bringing the light and power to life with the feel of movement, ebb and flow and all that. It opens the brain to many possibilties of meaning, which is a good thing.

And really like the barged into empty space line
Cheers Caz
that was an awesome lil piece you started it really kool

thnaks for the crits on my piece earlyer
yep very good imo, i cudnt write sumthin like this
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