this is the final part of the whole pandoras box of modes that i dont understand.

how do you determine what chords go under a mode?

say for example D dorian?
Take the notes out of the mode. D Dorian = D E F G A B C D so chords possible (triads) would be Dmin, Emin, F, G, Amin, Bmin/-5, C.
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you have to make a chord progression that revolves around that chord.

so if you're in D dorian...

try making Dm7 the resolve chord.

an easy way to do it is to just make a 1 4 5 progressoin in that mode,

this would be Dm7 G7 Am7 G7.
The chords shift from the major scale just like the notes of the mode shift from the major scale. D dorian uses the same notes (and the same chords) as C major. The chords would be: Dm, Em, F, G, Am, Bdim, and C.
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I'm not sure if you'll understand this, but here goes.

Lowercase = Minor
Uppercase = Major
(dim) = Diminished

Ionian (Major)
I ii iii IV V vi viidim

i ii III IV v vidim VII

i II III iv vdim VI vii

I II iii ivdim V vi vii

I ii iiidim IV v vi VII

Aeolian (Minor)
i iidim III iv v VI VII

Don't Bother.

The roman numerals represent the quality of the chord based off of that note in the scale, pretty much. A very common progression is the I IV V progression. Well, thats in a major. So if you want the same progression in Dorian, I'd do a i IV v progression, because it'd make the chords fit within the key, and then resolve to the tonic of Dorian.
Don't ignore Locrian dammit!
I can't seem to find a list of chords that work well with it anywhere.
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Don't ignore Locrian dammit!
I can't seem to find a list of chords that work well with it anywhere.

I think then you missed the point of coffee guys post. Surely we all know the chords in the Major scale Ionian.

I ii iii IV V vi vii(dim)

and surely we all know the modes of the major are just the major scale from a different starting point.

Then if you bother to think about it, we know that the chords are the same just from a different starting point.

Thus, the chords of Locrian are

i(dim) II iii iv V VI vii

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