Ok, so right now I'm lookin for some new gear because I'm absolutely sick of this crap Squier and Fender amp that came with it. I thought I wanted a Dean Flying V, but it turned out I really just wanted it for looks. Ok so I'm lookin for something that will go along with the styles of music I play/wanna play which are:

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Alice In Chains
Pearl Jam
Guns 'N Roses
Dream Theater
Black Sabbath
Faith No More
Smashing Pumpkins

All help would be appreciated. Oh, and don't worry about the budget.
Get like an ibanez or something. you know typical strat shape with dual humbuckers or a HSH or HSS combo, maybe a floyd rose? that'd cover everything really, especially if it's got a good switching system so you can get the single coil tones too.