dose anyone have any tips on how to start a solo out? i can put the middle and end together but im no good at starting
A big bend or vibrato (or both at the same time) is usually pretty cool, alot of solos start that way.
yea i start with a big bend most the time
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I like to slide my index finger up the fretboard to the higher fret's then slide back into the first note of the solo, sometimes adding a small bend when I reach the top. Its pretty cool
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Try a big bend. Or a divebomb if you have a tremelo. Slides, unison bends, pinch harmonics, natural harmonics.
Yeah, I bend into a solo but now-a-days I pinch harmonic into a solo Zakk Wylde style

!!!feel the funk blast!!!

Common tricks I've seen work really well:

Whammy bar (bend up or down, or do that screetching thing Satriani does)
Quick arpeggio (works really well into a bend)
Double tapping
Big bends
Fret noises
Amp feedback
Harmonics (try and create harmonic licks, those work wonders)
Volume swells
Riffs that move quickly up or down the neck
Hammering away at some interval that works well over the chord
Going straight into the solo
Not going straight in and slowly building up to the solo
Repeating a theme from the song (leads well into the solo as you slowly modify it)

Listen to instrumental players. Satriani, Vai, Petrucci, Malmsteen, Santana, etc. They know the most about that kindof stuff because they have to, their music would sound boring otherwise. So just listen to alot of different stuff. Also, a good idea would be to take this list, say "I won't do any of this stuff," and think of different ways to start it off.
Try either a pause directly before the solo, and going straight into a fast one, or building for it using slow bends. Those are the ones that I use the most, and work very easily. And good. May seem cheap, but well, most audiences wont care.
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One thing about 'classic rock' soloing I like is the bend from the 4 to the 5 (notes)! Example, the solo in Stairway to Heaven begins with

The solo is in Aminor (pentatonic) and the D (fret 7 of the Gstring) is the 4th note.. The E note (the note being bended to) is the 5th note in the Aminor scale.

This is a very popular thing! Learn it, and abuse it's clichéness!
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A solo is nothing but a story. Or a one sided conversation, whichever ever you prefer. I know I start out a lot of my stories and/of conversations with a "Well..." So in that sense, I try to start out my solos in a way that introduces me. I don't go on stage and just yell out "Hey Bitches, it's Nigel! Listen to me!" Naw man, that's not cool! I generally start off slower than I plan to max out at, as to get the listener going. You shouldn't bombard the listener with a million notes?unless of course, that's what the song wants. So yeah. Then I just feel through it.

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i usually have the band pause while i do a divebomb, then have the band smash back in while i play whatever sounds right......