I have a older peavey studio pro 40 with a peavey t-60, something is just giving out too much bass,, I cant even strum becuase the 6th string takes away all the sound from everything, my amp does not having a setting for ""bass"". It has
[under gain}
Pre bright

[under equalizer]
pull thick.

[under master]

I try to play alot of punk. I really did try to follow the ultimate settings thread, but it has none of the settings for my amp has, so im a little lost.

Could some one possible give me a reason why my guitar is pulling so much bass? could he be tuned down too much?
"Low" would be bass, it being, y'know, "low" sounding 'n' all...

Also roll the tone up on your guitar and use the bridge pickup, which is more treble-y. If none of this works, you're just screwed...
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Lower the bass side of your pick-ups too.

The tuning might also be it. what tuning are you using?
Low is probably bass. Lower that. Use the bridge pickup also. Neck pickups have a more bassy tone. you could also lower your pickups as said above.