so which is worse the line 6 spider 2 or the marshall mg? i have a spider and i dont think its that bad i mean yah there are a lot of amps better but its not so bad that i dont tell people i own one.
Never liked the sound of any line6 products but thought that the MGs at school weren't so bad, try them yourself if you can.
this guy in my local guitar shop said to go for the spider but i went against his opinion and got the mg, no regrets!
mg, there to boring. but the line 6 is just like a big toy u could sit and try out loads of new sounds.
I've tried both; I like the spider; the MG blows chunks; worst decision ever to buy it; I had it for a year and then it broke.
Of ht two, I'd choose the spider over hte mg. The spider has poor quality distortion and effects, but has some useable tones. As hte mg is basically a beehive in a box.
The spicer is very digital and that is the main reason that people don't like them. but you can add any stomp box to a spider and get a decent sound. While you can do the same to the MG you can at least trust that the Spider won't break down in three months. So MG is worse
Spider II>MG
spider's are freakin tanks in terms of reliability compared to the MG's. And it has some useable sounds. In a thread awhile back with the Valvetronix vs Spider thread, I think there may have even been a tone or two that the Spider actually did better than the Vox(and I own a vox). However, my band once played a show with some guys who were using AVT and MG halfstacks. The MG sucked SOOO much. My vox ate it for tonal breakfast, man.
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Its quite funny how many "Which amp makes you cringe the most, Line 6 spider or Marshall Mg?" there have been! MG is worse though but they are still both useless

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The Spider is better than the MG.

Has lots of effects and whatnot that you can play around with.

Do a forum search, this thread was done not too long ago.

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