The Stalker

Following your trail,
My breath gets shorter.
Your scent is like no other.

I get closer,
I can feel your heat.
I am a stalker.

Preying on the weak,
I feel strong.
Why do I need to terrorize others,
To feel content?

I don?t know, but I do know;
I enjoy this.
I enjoy the hunt,
Feeling your pain and sadness;
How could anyone call this madness?

It seems sane to me,
It?s all I?ll ever be.
Just a psychopath,
With time to kill.

Don?t Scream.
This is fun.
Don?t Run.
Don?t worry about the Gun.
It will all be over,
In a minute.

I pull the trigger,
Her body loses life.
Turning purple,
Staring at me.
She?s wondering,
Why? Why would you do this to me?

And I can only reply,
It?s fun.
It?s Lots?
of Fun.


One of many poems.