Okay my guitar part is loose, like the part where the cable connects to the guitar and its screwin it around. For the sound to come aroun i have to fidd;le with it i tried to screw it in with a drill but i think the hole is too deep what do i dot besides takin it back to the place?...
you can take off the little plate that the input is connected to. You can tighten the nut on either side of the pickup plate, and itll stop moving around.

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o yea i forget to meansion i have a peavy raptor and the part is at the bottom...so yea just post some help annd fast plz...
Unscrew the input jack ( where you plug the cable into the guitar) and there should be a cable connecting to it. On the bottom of the jack there should be a small nut. Take some needlenosed pliers or something and tighten the nut. Maybe that'll help
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