So, heres the deal:

I desperately need to upgrade from my Squier strat, and am at a budget of about $300. I'm looking for a decent Hollowbody, and any help would be greatly appreciated. My eye is currently set on an Epi Dot Studio, and I'm also wondering if this is a decent guitar.
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it is decent... but I'd try for the Dot Standard if i was you.
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it is decent... but I'd try for the Dot Standard if i was you.

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Yeah, save some more money man. In the guitar world, you get what you pay for, and unfortunately, the vast majority of low-end guitars are not very good/reliable.

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i like the epi dot. x3 on the standard tho.

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haha true^ 300 is pretty low....i bought a couple pedals for more than 300.

Save up another $180 or $200 buy a standard strat and change out the pickups. (just the neck and bridge)

or buy a used guitar