Anyone think the basslines in old Michael Jackson songs are fun to play and mess around with? I've been searching around for who wrote and/or plays these lines, but there's no real information on Wikipedia. I think Randy Jackson was one of them...

Anywho, yeah, they're fun and I'm bored. Discuss.
Yes, they are. I play Off The Wall all the time. Louis Johnson, from the Brothers Johnson, was one of the most influetial bassists of the 20th century without doubt and he is who wrote those basslines. You have to remember Quincy Jones was producing. i mean jesus, it was always gonna be big ! ! !
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i love Jacko's basslines. they're goddamn amazing

i think thats the only part of his music i like
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Bass line to Billy Jean is pure genius, shame its creator is a bit wacko. I don't think I know of another bass line that can get so many people on the dance floor within a few seconds.
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I don't think I know of another bass line that can get so many people on the dance floor within a few seconds.

do you know you just might be right mate..
Well myself I am a guitar player, but if I ever get a bass I will play michael jackson non stop.
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Damn, i swear its like dawn of the dead in the bass forum. So many resurected threads.

They dont even contain any decent information.

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I love playing MJ lines. Though I always get hand cramp after Billie Jean
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Yeah, there's a few that are good fun to play, and worthwhile practice. I'm gonna stick my neck out and add ABBA basslines to that .
Anyone else wanna own up to stuff they practice with, but don't readily admit to in public, or in forums for that matter?
Maybe there's a case for an confessional thread; no names, no packdrill...